Making green energy transition and energy efficiency available to everyone!

Main idea

The product is to be used in the following steps:

  • Connection of the metering device to one location
  •  Continuous metering of the electrical values – currents and voltages
  • Provision of insights about user electrical behavior
  • Provision of suggestions how to decrease the electrical bill 

Main settings

The following statements are true for our product, the Enpulse product:

  • Is cheap compared to benefits it brings
  • Is easy to install, simple connection and small occupied space
  • Is easy to use, simple and understandable interface
  • Provides huge benefits to its users, financial, environmental and operational

Full Product

The Enpulse product is a comprehensive system for electricity metering and control focused on increasing energy efficiency of SME objects. It is composed of: metering system at the user’s location, backend system (data collection and storage, algorithms), and frontend system for user interaction, visualization and energy tips’ view. The name Enpulse comes from energy pulse, as the the metering system feels the energy pulse of users’ electrical installations and this data stands as the cornerstone for all other operations in our products. The backend system is the brain which connects the sensors, algorithms and user interface. The user interface speaks to the user in understandable language, the end-user gains insight into his own electricity consumption per device, detail energy cost structure, future consumption and cost predictions, tips and tricks how to increase efficiency etc.

Enpulse Hardware plus Software
Enpulse Smart Meter Box plus Current Sensor

Metering hardware

The first step when using Enpulse is to install the current and voltage sensors and to connect them to the Smart Meter Box. Each phase has one voltage sensor which is connected directly on the phase wires and one current sensor which is connected non intrusively using current clamps (current transformer). For three phase supply, total of 3 current and 3 voltage sensors are required. Once installed, the Enpulse continuously reads the metering data and prepare it within our backend system for further usage by the users through user interface.

Backend Algorithms

The continuous measurements on high resolution must be adequately received, stored and prepared for internal algorithms and interface usage. Also, the internal algorithms must be stored and available for runs either continuously or on demand. These algorithms are the crown jewels of the Enpulse product as they transform the simple measurements in valuable assets for users. For example, users costs can be calculated during actual month or the alarms for breaching a certain power threshold can be activated. An AI identification algorithm can detect and identify the exact individual device in usage based on joint object metering data. The optimization algorithm can find the best choice and size for the purchase of new devices, PV plants, batteries etc. tailored on users consumption pattern.

Backhand Algorithm Binary Illustration
User Interface – Dashboard

User Interface

Once Enpulse has been installed, the users will only see and interact through user interface. The metering and backend systems can be forgotten. The user interface is designed to provide simple and intuitive understanding of users’ own the electrical behavior and costs. Each segment on the interface have an explanation of the view-at-hand and short guidelines what to observe. It will, however, also incorporate two other directions. For those who wants to educate themselves an additional educational material for each segment will be directly accessible. For those who wants to dwell deeper into certain graphs and curves, there will be the option for them to investigate further looking far into history and into wider pool of variables.

User’s Benefits

  • Real-time metering, monitoring and alarms of electricity consumption
  • Insights and knowledge about personal electricity consumption and costs
  • Personalized energy efficiency and cost saving tips and tricks 
  • Electricity related maintenance and investment suggestions
  • Electricity supplier and equipment installer recomendations
Environmental and Financial Benefits Illustration