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The electricity prices skyrocketed during last year and they created a heavy weight around companies’ necks! Reaching profitability and good margins was a managers’ challenge even without such high electricity prices, now it seems insurmountable.

The suppliers are in dire straits as well. On one side, they are locked with retail contracts, and on the other one they are facing high wholesale prices and trying to find new ways how to hedge themselves.

Both the companies and the electricity suppliers are in the uncharted waters and the bilateral negotiating process for new retail contracts among them can set the electricity prices too high for the companies.

We would like to help the companies to know what price can they negotiate at the moment, under current market conditions. Its simple, you tell us your price, we make analysis and tell you how good was your current deal (negotiated price) and what can you demand for your new one.

We call this process Enpare product. The name Enpare comes from energy compare, as this tool enables comparison of your negotiated energy prices with prices striked by similar companies.

How this process works?

The price that a company negotiates with a supplier is not publicly available, and to know these prices we need to see your electricity bill. You can upload photo or scan of your latest bill in any of the formats: jpeg, png, jpg, pdf and heic. From the electricity bill we will use prices and consumed energy to better group your company and compare it with similar ones. We will not publish the data from the electricity bill nor your company name and details, they will stay undisclosed. The data will be processed and the anonymous feedback will be sent back to you.

With the bill photo or scan we also need to have your e-mail address, the contract sign date, and the connection power. E-mail will be used to send you the feedback. We need to have the current retail contract sign date to know what were the market conditions back than to give you more accurate feedback. This doesn’t need to be the exact date if you do not know it, the approximate date will suffice. The connection power towards grid operators (the max power that you are allowed to take from the grid in kW) is additional information to group you more adequately and to provide you better feedback. Again, approximate connection power will be sufficient if you do not know the exact one. Additionally and optionally, if you have any comments or suggestions how to improve this tool you can leave message in the field “Your Message”. Take note that we can send you feedback only when we gather sufficient number of inputs which depends on the public response to our call.

The main steps of the process are disclosed below. If you have any additional questions or comments feel free to ask.

This is a completely free service and our only goal is to help companies in these hard and energy-expensive times.

1) Enter the data

Enter your e-mail address to receive feedback and enter the retail contract sign date and connection power.

2) Send your latest bill

Take a photo of your latest bill and drag & drop it to the form below. Or scan it and send it to our e-mail stated below.

3) We analyse all the bills

We will take all the received bills, analyse them and create graphs and other visuals which you will receive as our feedback.

4) We send you the feedback

We send you results where do you stand compared to other businesses with the anonymous price distribution.

5) You check your stand

You can check how good deal did you make and you get
the insights how to better position yourself for your next contract.

The bill and data submit form:

    Email Address for Collecting the Bills and Data