Friendship for a sustainable future!

Spare the money and save the environment with us by smart electricity consumption management.


World where processes of green energy production, consumption and exchange are simple, efficient and without negative impact on the environment!


Create simple, understandable and low-cost tools to enable green transformation, activation and efficiency increase of energy consumers!

Our Solution

We install metering equipment to business users with power connection limit higher than 20 KW on the spot of main power distribution cabinet. The equipment is simple to install and it meters electricity consumption of all devices in the object. Users have direct insight into their consumption and the its cost through simple user interface. Based on this data we find and suggest means how to save on energy costs using advanced machine learning algorithms.


Our product costs are twofold:
– fixed cost for metering equipment (payment once during purchase),
– monthly subscription fee (monthly or annual payment for 12 months ahead).
Amount of fixed cost and monthly subscription depends on the number of ordered devices. In all cases the benefits of our product surpass the total costs!
More details about pricing can be found here.

Our Team

Our team consists of specialists from the area of energy systems, energy economy, artificial intelligence and computer science. We cooperated on scientific, research, industry and educational projects from energy field for several years which triggered the creation of Green Energy Pal. Through Green Energy Pal we want to transfer our experience and help the small and medium enterprises.

Additional Services

To our clients we additionally offer energy consulting services came from our metering data but also from other sources such as users private databases or HEP-ODS readings. This refers to services such as creation of green energy strategies for companies or individual objects. Services can cover investment analyses in energy equipment such as: solar power plants, EV chargers, battery storage etc. Also, we offer deep analyses of users individual processes which can be the basis for guidelines into energy efficiency investment or change in working patterns.

Cost reduction

By learning about your consumption and using advanced algorithms, we reduce electricity costs.

Consumption visualization

With a modern web application, we enable easy monitoring of consumption and review of the achieved savings.

Protecting the environment

By managing your electricity consumption wisely, you become energy efficient and have a positive impact on the environment.