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Save money and the environment with us by smart energy consumption management.

Reduce energy costs with Enpulse

What gets measured, gets improved!

Understanding how much energy you use, when and where, empowers you to find savings and potential investments into renewable energy. Enpulse gives you the tools to take action.

Enpulse is a comprehensive system for electricity metering and control focused on increasing energy efficiency of SME objects. Inspect daily, weekly, or monthly consumption data to find trends and track your progress and goals. Track realtime consumption data and find patterns that will help you reduce costs.

What Enpulse can do for you

Track realtime consumption

Track realtime energy consumption to reduce power peaks and reduce your energy bills.

Historical consumption

Analyse historical trends and to check your progress and reduce costs over time.

Consumption insights

Find out more about your consumption habits and how much power you are using from the network, how much you are spending in high and low tariff.

Energy bill cost breakdown

Find out how much you pay for consumed energy, peak power and other items, and how much on network fees and taxes.

Voltage quality

Bad voltage quality can affect your devices. Improve safety and reduce maintenance costs of your devices by tracking voltage quality over time.

Create an impact

Improve energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint by managing your energy wisely. Create a positive impact for the environment!

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