Products and services

Currently, Green Energy Pal product portfolio consists of flagship product Enpulse and two free Enpare products. However, new products and features for existing products are being developed continuously!
Feel free to check our current products and read more about them in the text bellow.


The Enpulse is our flagship product on which we base our future growth and development.

It is a comprehensive system for electricity metering and control focused on increasing energy efficiency of SME objects. It is composed of: metering system at the user’s location, backend system (data collection and storage, algorithms), and frontend system for user interaction, visualization and energy tips’ view.

The name Enpulse comes from energy pulse, as the the metering system feels the energy pulse of users’ electrical installations and this data stands as the cornerstone for all other operations in our products.

More about Enpulse can be found here.


Enpare is the first in line of our free products available to all consumers. Tariffs for households and small businesses are usually publicly available and published on the websites of individual suppliers.

Enpare uses those tariffs and consumers inputs about their monthly energy consumption and current supplier/tariff and sends them back comparison of all suppliers in Croatia as well as the potential annual savings.

The name Enpare comes from the English words energy compare, which means energy comparison, because this tool enables the comparison of energy prices of different suppliers for households and small businesses.

More about this product can be found here.