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Full stack developer

Green Energy Pal, a startup founded in 2023, is looking for its first employees. We are looking for full stack developers of different seniority to join our innovative team in the development of new and innovative solutions in the field of electricity consumption monitoring.

About us

We are a young startup developing our own solution for monitoring electricity consumption and production in real time – Enpulse. Enpulse consists of measuring hardware that is installed in the main distribution cabinet and software that deals with data storage and processing. Using this data, we develop cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for the detection of individual devices from the total consumption curve (NILM, non-intrusive load monitoring).

In short, we want to be the first in this part of Europe to enable the measurement of the complete consumption at one measuring point (e.g. in your apartment) to identify the consumption of individual devices, e.g. washing machine, air conditioner, etc. and thus increase the possibility of energy savings, identify malfunctions, detect the possibility of fire, inform the household that their oven was left turned on after they left the house. Our target clients are mainly various facilities, hotels, real estate owners.

In addition to the Enpulse system, we also develop additional free tools in the field of energy, such as this tool for comparing supplier prices.

The team currently has 3 members, PhD students and PhDs, and we all worked together at one point in time at the Department of Energy and Power Systems at FER.

What we offer

  • Opportunity to get a share in the company: Become a co-owner of Green Energy Pal and share the success with us.
  • Flexilble hours: Working hours adapted to your needs.
  • Flexible workspace: Work from our office in ZICER, from home or any place that suits you.
  • Quality equipment: Choose the tools that suit you best for efficient work.
  • Education and development: Attend conferences, courses and trainings to keep up with the latest technologies.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a person who is responsible in performing tasks to work in a dynamic startup environment.

It is ideal that you handle all the technologies listed below from our tech stack, but it is enough for us that you have experience in working with backend or frontend technologies and you want to learn and progress.

Technologies and tools we work with:

  • Java, Spring, Spring Boot
  • Typescript, Angular
  • Git
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Redis

It is not mandatory, but it is an advantage if:

  • you like the startup environment
  • you have experience with Spring Boot
  • you have experience with PostgreSQL and Cassandra databases
  • you know how to navigate a Linux distribution

Type of employment

Employment contract


We accept applications until March 20, 2024.

Send your CV to info@gep.energy or come to our office in ZICER (Pav. 12, Avenija Dubrovnik 15, 10000, Zagreb).