Learn about Enpulse

Understanding how much energy you use, when and where, empowers you to find savings and potential investments into renewable energy.
Enpulse gives you the tools to take action.

Inspect daily, weekly, or monthly consumption data to find trends and track your progress and goals.

Track realtime consumption data and find patterns that will help you reduce costs.

Energy bill cost breakdown

Find out how much money you actually spend on energy, and how much on network fees, taxes, and other items.

You can use this data to find the best supplier for you and to eliminate hidden costs.

If the most of your consumed energy is in high tariff time, you can explore changing the tariff model to single tariff.

Voltage quality

Did you know that bad voltage can cause a lot of problems to your appliances and devices? Like power system frequency, voltage has to be kept within a set range for the power system to work properly and safely. If voltage is too high, equipment and devices can be damaged or “fried”, and if it is too low, equipment and devices can operate poorly or stall.

Use Enpulse to analyse voltage quality over time and make sure that your appliances, equipment, and devices are safe.

Personalise the Enpulse app

Are you a fan of dark themes? Do you like purple or red?

You can make Enpulse app look attractive to you. Explore and find what suits you best!

How it works

1. Enpulse smart meter is installed in your main electrical cabinet

Enpulse smart meter is installed inside or besides your main electricity cabinet.

The first step when using Enpulse is to install the current and voltage sensors and to connect them to the smart meter case.

Each phase has one voltage sensor which is connected directly on the phase wires and one current sensor which is connected non intrusively using current clamps (current transformer). For 3-phase system, total of 3 current and 3 voltage sensors are required. Once installed, the Enpulse continuously reads the electricity-related data and stores it within our cloud-based system and app.

2. Electricity data is analysed in our system

The continuous measurements on high resolution must be adequately received, stored and prepared for internal algorithms and app usage. Also, the internal algorithms must be stored and available for runs either continuously or on demand. These algorithms are the crown jewels of the Enpulse product as they transform the simple measurements in valuable assets.

3. Enpulse app

Once Enpulse has been installed, the users will only see and interact through the app. It is designed to provide simple and intuitive understanding of your own electrical behaviour and running electricity costs.

You can use the app on your PC and mobile devices, but also as a TV dashboard in your facilities or control rooms.